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4 weeks ago
Average Out+1.37
Scores Posted188
Courses Played20
Ace Count0
Rounds / Month3.78
Holes Scored2423
Holes Scored / Month48.7


I had to give some props to the best scoring app out there. I have the PDGA app for tournaments but they have a significant flaw. The course info is controlled by whoever uploads the info to the PDGA. So the Blockhouse is not 3 courses of 18 but 1 course of 54 holes. And can't be fixed unless the guy who uploaded the info fixes it.

Your app is still the best out there...

I was thinking about writing a review of all the scoring apps I have tried for Rattling Chains.

Buggy, but fun. They changed the layout a bit, and the first teebox is near the soccer fields.

How was the Michigan Tech course?

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