Emergency updates applied

Hello Discasaurus Disc Golfers,

My apologies for the extreme amount of time since our last blog post. Life is good and busy, and disc golf is still really fun!

That being said, our web developer (me: Tyler) finally got around to applying some much needed updates to our website infrastructure. Perhaps it was today's ace (and that the wife and daughter went to visit the inlaws for the next few days) that allowed me to gather the energy and free time to apply these udpate to the site.

I really hope this elimnates the dreaded red error messages that have plagued the website for months (years?) now. I also hope this has a positive impact on how well the Android and iOS apps perform. Our Android developer Dave and iOS developer Joe have done a great job of keeping the app's functional, and any problems you've faced with the applications has been the fault of the website.

The Discasaurus Team hopes you are enjoying your summer, and we sincerely appreciate our user base over the years and hope to keep this project alive and well. Thank you all for your support!

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