Welcome Android Disc Golfers

Hello Disc Golfers,

We are pleased to welcome Android Disc Golfers to the Discasaurus community!

If you haven't already, please give Discasaurus for Android a try by visiting Google Play.

As the summer winds down for 2012, the Discasaurus team will keep pushing forward to bring more awesomeness to the Disc Golf community.

Please contact us with any feedback you may have about Discasaurus for Android, iOS and/or the Discasaurus website. We welcome comments, suggestions, criticism and good ol' chit-chat, so please, drop us a line.

Enjoy the remaining sunshine for 2012, and happy disc golfing!


What have you guys done to the Android app? It is utterly unusable on my Samsung Galaxy SIII. I can't add players to the app without having them added to every game. The app stalls. I have had to switch to other apps since late February/early March due to this app being basically a waste of memory space. Any plans to make it useable again (other bugs made it frustrating to use before it became a dead app).

Hi Eric, I am actively working on the next release, and I would love to include fixes for what you describe. A couple questions to help me find and fix the problem: After starting a new game, the drop down menu (top right) has a "Players" item that will let you select or deselect the players in the current game, so is that not working? Does the app "stall" on any particular screen?

Please use the Report a Bug link at the bottom of this page to send your reply :o)

Same prob to me. I can not open apps for adding player on my Samsung Tab. Some other problem also I faced. Can you tell me what is the prob?
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I really love the simplicity of this app. I can keep score really fast with it. The only problem is that the two disc golf courses next to me are not loaded. Wish there was a way to manually enter a course that's not available. The two courses that are missing are ( Dunbar Park, Lake Jackson, TX and Bates Park, Angleton, TX)

Just realized that new courses can be submitted on this website. Awesome!

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I just switched from an iPhone to a Galaxy S5. Downloaded the Android version of the app. I downloaded the courses I needed but when I start a new game, it will only allow me to select one of my favorites.

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The Discasaurus team will keep pushing forward to bring more awesomeness to the Disc Golf community..


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