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Discasaurus for iPhone*:  Disc Golf Scorekeeping Done Right
If you have an iPhone… and you like disc golf (or live and breathe it), you are in the right place. This review will walk you through this innovative new app from start to finish. We're going to cover lots of features along the way so before you dive in, you may want to grab a refreshment.


Ready? Good.

First Run
Initial setup is probably the least exciting part of using Discasaurus. Fortunately, it's fast (about a minute) and once it's done, the fun can start. The first time the app runs, it presents a special setup screen with two text input boxes. One asks for for a player name and the other offers a chance to create a new account or sign in. If the email address belongs to a confirmed account, a prompt collects the matching password to complete the sign in process. For brand new users, Discasaurus creates an account and sends out a confirmation link via email. If the account is not confirmed within 10 days, it expires.

Although an account isn't required to use Discasaurus for iPhone, it opens the door to some compelling online features that really take this app to the next level.



This is a fairly familiar pattern so no surprises here. The screen shown below is typically the first screen that appears when the app starts up. It's a jumping off point to the major functionalities: keeping score, reviewing score history, and settings configuration. If there’s a game in progress (either: literally in progress, or unsaved from a previous outing), the "Resume" icon recalls it in one touch.



Courses by State
Discasaurus is aware of over 2700 course locations in the United States. All of them are listed on the web site (more on that later), but the app only has Michigan and California preloaded. Getting course directories for other states is easy. This piecemeal approach shown below has the added benefit of minimizing the app's footprint, leaving as much storage space as possible for other apps, music, videos, etc.

From the launcher screen, tap "Settings" then "Update Course Directory". Next select a state and tap "Update". That's it. For states with large directories, an indicator shows the download progress. Typically it takes less than a minute to pull the courses and some recommended ways to play through them (i.e. which tee-basket combos, which section of the course, etc.) from the Discasaurus Online server. Download more states as needed, just keep in mind that each one takes up some storage space.



New Game
Finally… the fun part! Tapping the "New Game" icon on the launcher screen brings up the player selection screen. It facilitates four major functions: choosing which players will be in the scorekeeping interface, adding players, editing players, and deleting players from the app. Swiping horizontally on this screen brings up the course layout drilldown which is described near the end of this section.

Selecting Players
Players can be dragged between two groups on the screen by dragging the handle on the right edge of a player bar. Those in the "Current Players" group at the top will be included in the scorekeeping interface, while the "Available" group simply contains other players that have been added to the app at one time or another.


Adding Players
The "Add Player" button is at the top right of the screen and tapping it reveals a form similar to the initial setup screen described above. Unlike the other form, this includes a disc color picker so the scoring interface can represent each player with a different colored disc. Bright colors look great, but it's just a matter of personal preference.

The form also has a "Sign Up" button at the bottom to invite new players to Discasaurus via the supplied email address. Just like in the initial setup, players will have to confirm the invitation via email. A "Log In" button at the bottom brings up a password prompt (again, much like the initial setup). Tapping done saves the new player and returns to the player selection screen.



Editing Players
Editing players is similar to adding them. The first step is to touch an existing player on the player selection screen. From there, the options are identical to the add player screen (the done button saves any changes).



Deleting Players
Players can only be deleted from the available group, not from current players. The red circle on the left unlocks a particular player and displays a corresponding delete button. Touching that button (predictably) removes the selected player from the list.


Selecting a Course Layout
The screenshots near the beginning of this section include a little yellow indicator at the top right. This indicator appears in a few different contexts and its purpose is to indicate that the current screen can be swiped horizontally to see another related screen. Within the game setup, a side-to-side swipe switches between player selection and course layout selection... which are both required to configure the score keeping interface.

After swiping in from the player selection screen, Discasaurus displays a course layout drilldown. Here’s where the Discasaurus course directory comes into play. Many of the courses in the database include GPS cooridinates. This allows the app to display locations in order of their distance from the current location. When locating courses nearby for the first time, a user-prompt will determine if the app can use the device’s GPS. This feature enables the most efficient game setup possible.

The other option at the top right is search. This mode is best for finding courses by name.

Once the desired location is found, the drill down can begin. Tapping a location reveals a choice of layouts grouped by course. Tapping one of them completes the course selection part of the game setup.



Start the game!
Once player(s) and a course layout are chosen, the "Start" button at the bottom will activate and turn green. Tapping it loads the scoring interface described in the next section.

Keeping Score
Of all the features named in this walkthrough the scoring interface may be the most compelling. Rather than rely on text fields or dropdowns or other form-based controls, Discasaurus keeps score by counting taps on a player tile. Just, tap a player’s tile for every time he or she throws. Do it all at once at the end of a hole or as the throws actually happen. Either way, Discasaurus’ big buttons and text minimize the hunting and pecking, so a player can enter a score quickly and remain focused on the game.


Beyond tapping on player tiles, there are a few more gestures that operate the interface:

Advance or return to a previous hole by swiping horizontally. To the left reveals the next hole and to the right reveals the previous one if it exists.

Scroll the list of player tiles by swiping or dragging vertically. Theoretically, Discasaurus can score tens of players at a time, but that would be a lot of scrolling ;o)

Correct a scorekeeping mistake by tapping and holding a tile that has been tapped too many times. Doing so resets that tile to zero. Tapping with two fingers subtracts one throw from the selected player tile.

Return to the last scores entered by shaking the device.

View the game summary by tilting the device horizontally.

Changing Players and Courses Mid-game
In the course of leisurely play, players are bound to join up or depart mid round. Hitting the back button in the top left corner returns to the game setup screen where a different group of players or a different course layout can be selected. The start button at the bottom is joined by a resume button that (as its name suggests) resumes the game in progress, mapping any previously entered scores according to the new game configuration. Touching start clears the score entries for each player and reconfigures the scoring interface from scratch.



Saving Scores
Swiping left from the last hole in a round presents two options for saving the score(s). The first option stores a local copy of a round AND sends a copy to the Discasaurus site. It requires a Discasaurus account and an active Internet connection. The second option only stores the record in the device’s local storage.



Score History
Looking back on good times can be fun, and that’s why Discasaurus for iPhone keeps a record of previous rounds. Within this screen, records open up to the game summary view. The only options are to swipe or scroll to see more scores, or touch back to return to the score history list.


Discasaurus Online
Any more than a brief introduction will push this lengthy walkthrough into the TLDR category. It would be easy to fill 5-6 pages exploring web site features, so Discasaurus Online will probably get a separate detailed walkthrough at some point. In the meantime, here are some high-level gems.

Front Page + Login


Player Profiles


Course Profiles


Scoreboard + Scores + Widget


The Bottom Line
There are a lot of reasons to download this app, including super-fast scorekeeping, nationwide course directory, and an integrated web site that serves up a personalized recent scores widget. If you are an iPhone or iPod Touch user, this app is worth a try... and at the low, low price of FREE, it's hard to resist!

* iPod Touch users can enjoy Discasaurus too! Note that some things (e.g. downloading a course directory for your state) will require an Internet connection.


I am having trouble correcting a score that has been saved. How do I do that? Also it would be nice if the score card would show who has the box as you play. Another thing we started on hole 15 and it kept the running totals until we started on hole one then it kept running totals since hole 1 until we finished the game. It would nice to keep running totals even when we start in the middle of the course, shot gun start. Thanks for your help. Mark

Hello and thanks for the feedback @horseman2! At the time of this writing, previously entered hole-by-hole scores can't be changed. However that will change within the next release or two (so by year end). As for your other suggestion, we maintain an internal priorities list and shotgun start is a relatively new addition. As we start to target tournaments (i.e. real-time features), shotgun start will become a higher priority. If you have any other questions or suggestions, feel free to use the forms linked at the bottom of every page.

I was playing a round, and scoring it, while playing music on my phone at the same time. It seemed like it kept switching to the 1-9 score layout, rather than the current hole layout, whenever I pulled it out of my bag to score. It might have been a orientation thing on my end, but have you encountered/heard of this?

After I mentioned it, the guy I was shooting with put some music on his phone (Android and anxious to check it out) while I focused on scoring. I kept it in my shorts pocket and didn't have the issues I described previously. I do have a 1st gen iPhone, so maybe it is just moving between screens slowly.

Overall, I am enjoying the back-end features. It is nice to see how you score over time on a particular hole. This app, might just get me out for one or two more rounds per week/2weeks just to build up some data.


@dondarkko, I have never heard of the layout automatically switching to 1-9 while listening to music, but I will have our iOS developer look into it. That's an interesting bug. If you end up playing more disc golf because of Discasaurus, I'll be happy as a clam! Thanks for the feedback and please stay tuned for our next big version release in the next few weeks.

When I look at my saved scores, it only lists the players and their total scores, not the score per hole as you show on the "score history" part of these web page instructions. What you show above would be great!

Also, have you considered showing the par for each hole when entering scores? The only way to tell currently (that I can figure out) is to enter a score, and then see its affect on the overall total by switching to the 1-9 hole layout. And I noticed what must be an error on the par assigned to some holes on a particular course. Do you have an update procedure whereby a user can submit corrected information?

I have an iphone 4. Great app, by the way. Very handy and nicely done. I do hate to quibble.

@davidjstreb Thanks for the feedback. When viewing a previously saved round, try tilting your phone into landscape mode. That's the trigger to show the hole by hole scores. As for the par inaccuracies, the Discasaurus team has been hard at work adding an enhancement to the app and web site whereby actual par values are reflected in your +/- out score, and you can correct the par value in our shared course database using the app. In fact, I've been testing a prototype for several weeks now and we hope to release it soon.

So... those are some of the features you can look forward to. As for your quibbling, I encourage you to keep it up because that's how we make the app better.

When I click post scores where is posting scores cause it isn't on my profile

Hi Jessie - Thanks for reaching out to us. Would you please submit a bug report (Click Report a Bug at the bottom of this page)? From there we can work to troubleshoot any issues you're facing.

Dave, When are you expecting an Android release? I don't think I can handle the anticipation much longer!!

Thanks for your post and for your patience so far, Scotty. Android has been high on our priority list for a while and we are making progress. I can't commit to any dates, so I'll give you some detail about where we are: Much of the work so far has been function-specific prototypes to get familiar with the framework we're using while producing workable code. Our challenge now is knitting together the different parts. I'd like to start some pre-release testing in the coming months, so I'll be sure to invite you to participate. Again, thanks for your patience.


I also would be willing to test the android version.



Hi Dave , love the app!!! I'm new to disc golf and have been making steady progress over the last 2 months with the help of some fellow golfers. I enjoy having Discasaurus as a way to track my progress and game history. I got rained out yesterday at hole 11 and wanted to know how I can cancel a game from my iphone. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you , Dave K. NOLA504


I believe you can manually return back to the app's main screen, go to "my scores" and delete your round that way. It may take a minute for the resume arrow on the main screen to disappear.


Is there any way to keep score and post scores on the website for doubles play? I do doubles a lot and this would be quite nice.

There currently is no way to scores doubles with the App. We have heard of people creating a new single player with a name of 'Jack & Jill' for example, then just keeping score for that 'double player'. We will have doubles capabilities someday, but it is a ways off on our to-do list.

I have submitted a course using the website here and was wondering how long it would take for it to show up in the app?

Hi there, it usually takes us a few minutes, to a few days, depending on how busy we are, to add the new courses. We have been working on tools to help speed up the process on our end, and we hope to someday make this much more streamlined so all courses can be turned out in a few minutes.

Will we be able to create a "friends list" anytime soon? It will make it easier to track the scores of our friends who are also Discasaurus users.

You can edit your profile on the Discasaurus web site. From there you can add to your player and course favorites.

My recent scores are on the web page and are correct. They do not seem to appear on the app though even though I am logged in the same account. I reinstalled the app on my phone and my scores page is blank. Is there a way to refresh it to match the scores on the web page profile? Does it take time for recent scores to show up on the app?

Currently the app does not retrieve scores that were previously posted to your profile.

Hi Dave,
I'm having a new issue recently that I haven't encountered previously. Courses now show "course" pars rather than the standard par 3 for every hole. I cannot figure out how to change this, but it definitely messes up my ability to track my scores easily. All saved rounds have changed to reflect course pars. In order to accurately track my scores I have to go into each game, look at my actual strokes, and calculate my over/under for the round. Will this be fixed, or do I just not know how to do it?

@Hockeypunk, There is no standard in the disc golf community for calculating over/under values. Discasaurus launched with a calculation that assumed all par 3's, but overwhelming user feedback prompted a switch to use real par values. Ultimately, the number of throws is what really matters.

Courses now show "course" pars rather than the standard par 3 for every hole. I cannot figure out how to change this, but it definitely messes up my ability to track my scores easily.
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I dont have any questions about the app, i just wanted to take a moment and tell you how much i like it! I had been using DG Caddy and disc golf scoresheet. they both pale in comparison to the ease of use your app allows. simple swipes and taps... geez, what a novel idea!!!

my DG partner likes to keep score on his phone as well and since i started using Discasaurus its funny to watch him trying to input scores on drop downs or actually typing in a number on the keypad. im picking my lines for the next hole while he is still fumbling with his phone!

Thanks for a great app and keep up the good updates!!!!

Hey, just wanted to drop a comment thanking you guys for the fantastic work on this app. Are there any plans to allow for alternate pin placement on a course, or is that something that would have to be updated on a specific course? I ask because there's a local course I play frequently that has alternate pin placement for the majority of the holes on the course, with different distances and pars from each pin.

Thanks again for the fantastic app.

Using the iOS app I noticed that it's too easy to reset the GPS location for any of the courses. I did it by accident just browsing through the courses from home, and when I got onto the website to fix it I saw that a lot of other people had done the same thing on many courses. Perhaps the "Set Location" button for each course should have a popup confirmation window?

Excellent idea, and potentially easy to do. I've added it to our enhancement list.

Love the app. Would really like to know if it's possible to mark penalty shots (OB, etc) other than just adding an extra stroke to the hole. Also, what about adding notes to holes?


nice article. good source of information. awesome views. cheers.

This is an excellent app. Is there a way to score a game on a course that isn't listed. There was a new course installed near me but cant seem to figure out how to score it with out it being in the apps list. I submitted the new course thru your add or update course. Thank you for the amazing app.

Also along these lines, is there some way to add holes to a current course. There is a course by me that was a 9 hole course, but is now a 18 hole course, but hasn't been updated in the app or online yet. Is there anyway to add these new holes?

If I am playing a round with. Fellow discasaurus account user when I post our scores why does it not post both scores if I'm keeping track of both?

I think adding an option under settings for course par or pro par would be easy and ideal for android. Saying that ultimately the amount thrown is all that matters is an easy cop out. Checking your stats and reading a negative five may look better but that doesn't help when I knew it was a four over. That make sense? Great app tho!

Is it possible to keep score for a custom or new course. One of our local courses is not listed. Please let me know.


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